A New Tequila Experience

DÉCADA is a forward thinking brand that aims to break the mold that the tequila industry is complacent with. DÉCADA is striving to push the fastest growing spirits category to new limits, with innovations in both taste and functional packaging. DÉCADA stands alone in flavor profile and smoothness, which allows DÉCADA to be the leading spirit in just about any traditional cocktail. Whether someone is new to the category or is a long time tequila aficionado, DÉCADA will transform their taste instantly.

DÉCADA is for adventurous souls, as it entrenches culture and symbolism in every bottle. The DÉCADA consumer is mature, cultured, altruistic, brand conscious, and ambitious. They enjoy an active lifestyle, art and design, joining social clubs, and being part of philanthropic causes. They are leaders in their peer group and have significant influence over other’s interests and behavior. DÉCADA directly translates to decade from Spanish to English. The letter X, a symbol of pride in Mexico, is also the Roman numeral for ten, representing the ten years and close to 10,000 feet above sea-level it takes to grow DÉCADA’s agave.